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《花木兰》英文影评 the feeling after reading Mulan This morning,I sat on the chair near the window and listened to the birds ,reading this book—Mulan .I have heard hundreds of times.I can say, she was with me throughout my childhood. But every time I pick up this book ,I always have more feelings. Hua Mulan,as we all know,she was a brave woman.Since she was born,she have had an optimistic nature and a strong heart,just like a boy. As the Emperor called up a man in every family to the battleground .At that time her father was ill and old and her brother was only a little boy.So Mulan decided to join the fight resolutely instead of her father. Why Mulan can become a general but others can’t? We can think this question in our mind.Why? Because she has a brave heart! On the battleground,she didn’t fear the enemies.She shouted to her army.She fighted the emery courageously,countless enemies stepped by her foot.She saved the endless national dignity and honour. All her battle companions thought she was a real man! In the army,nobody knew she was a woman in fact.In my eyes,This brave woman is more man than a real man instead. If you have a brave heart,you won’t fear the difficulties in your life. However,how can we have a brave heart?We all know,failure is the mother of success.When we go through some difficulties,we will have a brave heart.By then,you will not fear the difficulties,the competition,and even the enemies. 翻译 今天早上读了《木兰》后的感觉,我坐在靠近窗户的椅子上,听着鸟儿们在读这本书——木兰。我已经听了几百遍了。我可以说,她在我的整个童年都和我在一起。但每次我拿起这本书,我总是有更多的感觉。 花木兰,我们都知道,她是一个勇敢的女人。自从她出生以来,她有一个乐观的天性和坚强的心,就像一个男孩。当皇帝召集每个家庭中的一个男人到战场上时,她的父亲又老又病,而她的弟弟还只是个小男孩。因此木兰决定代替父亲毅然参加战斗。 为什么木兰可以成为将军而其他人不能?我们可以在脑海中思考这个问题。为什么?因为她很勇敢。 在战场上,她不怕敌人。她向她的军队高呼。她勇敢地与金刚砂战斗,无数的敌人踩在她的脚下。她拯救了无尽的民族尊严和荣誉。她所有的战友都认为她是个真正的男人! 在军队里,没有人知道她实际上是个女人。在我看来,这个勇敢的女人与其说是个真正的男人,不如说是个男人。 如果你有一颗勇敢的心,你就不会害怕生活中的困难。但是,我们怎么能有一颗勇敢的心呢?我们都知道,失败是成功之母。当我们经历一些困难时,我们会有一颗勇敢的心。到那时,你将不再害怕困难、竞争,甚至敌人。



Mulan's story-so far, mainly due to "Ode of Mulan" Masterpiece folk side of this, this long narrative poems of praise Nvbannanzhuang Mulan for the father of military legend. Now many more people it will be made into a movie, down through the ages.

War heroes, men living without a hero, heroine will be, with the Northern Wei Rouran not prominent men of war, will have a prominent heroine Mulan. She is a weak girl, he's elderly father, is no longer on the weak; she is a woman weaving, but to her father, to join the army to fight on. She never bow to the men, loudly told the world: "Women are no inferior to men.". Mulan will be a battle, how rapidly the tension is very high morale, march more urgent, more military tension, this is an order reversing, as a girl left the family, into a battlefield, the equivalent of the world into another. She and a man eating live with, eat the same suffering, by the same tired, but do men with different stories, and create a brilliant different men, as well as proof of "who say woman not so good as men. ? "

Mulan back, is not easy. Her attention to the value of life, the more the warmth of the family know. She has refused to grant the emperor, officials do not want to cast aside their high position and great wealth, she is willing to foot thousands of miles Chi, also home at an early date.

She returned, the arm of his elderly parents out to meet her sister was up to greet her, while his younger brother while sharpening pig, take concrete actions to meet the sisters to come back. To see all of this, Mulan is very pleased with the 12-year risk one's life on the battlefield, how hard. The 12-year Nvbannanzhuang and visible, however difficult, but all in the past, Mulan inner spiritual strength, which is what a great place.

Day settle down, the partners in the past and look at her every time she loaded her daughter to always see them, afraid of the partners in the past, Mulan in mind: you know? Bloody battle in the past to work with you on the battlefield, Li Under the great service; not to come back after the emperor of the reward I am a girl.

Give me back my daughter character, how proud Mulan.《

》这一方民歌绝 唱,是这篇长篇

花木兰。 她本是个柔弱的女孩,可他为了年老的父亲,就不再柔弱;她本是个织布女子,但她为了父亲,就参军打仗。她从不向男的低头,大声告诉了世人: